Wild at Heart (1990). Dir. David Lynch.

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Title: Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor Artist: Eels 591 plays

My name’s Elizabeth
My life is shit and piss.

Psycho (USA, 1960)

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'Women Who Eat On Tubes' sticks in my throat

Posting photos of women feeding themselves on public transport on Facebook is shaming and voyeuristic, writes Nell Frizzell (via guardian)

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Zach Tutor.

My (yes, me, Supersonic) first and only print ever is now available online in Spoke Art’s Online Store.  The print was created for Spoke Art’s David Lynch themed art show, “In Dreams,” and is a limited edition of 25.  The print features some cool hidden images like the “Monster” in Diane’s eyes among other things.


David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini / Photographed by Helmut Newton / 1988

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Cillian Murphy by Nicholai Fischer, 2007 (X)


Siouxsie Sioux



Harrison Ford, 1980, Paris 

young Harrison is just ahh

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